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    What would it mean to you to feel good in your life?


    Would you like to feel less burdened by low moods, feelings of overwhelm, or habitual self-judgment and insecurity?


    Would you like to simply feel more comfortable in your own skin?


    I would love to help you discover a simple way to transform your life so that you can feel good being yourself and celebrate yourself and the promising being that you are.


    I can help you to find more peace, well-being, and ease in your daily life, which will allow you to access the joyful and creative soul who is always there but who can get sidetracked by the noise of habitual, unhelpful thinking.


    It’s extraordinarily simple: When you feel more comfortable and at ease, you trust more deeply in Life’s guidance. You hear your inner wisdom and common sense more clearly and feel inspired to live your life in a way that feels good to you and to share your unique gifts with the world.


    I am a certified Change Coach, and I have previously worked as a school psychologist in a large public school district in southeastern Michigan. Listening to people and helping them to feel safe and heard is a fundamental part of who I am, and I am also a calm and caring advocate who will help you to see that you are so much more than all the stories that your intellectual mind has created about you and all the painful thoughts and worries that plague you.


    Schedule a complimentary coaching call with me today, and let’s explore how the simple feelings of well-being and ease can open up a world of possibilities in your life.

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    This conversation is typically 60-75 minutes in length, and there is no pressure to commit to anything. We will get to know each other and explore how we might work together.

  • Testimonials


    I’ve had the absolute joy of working with Karli on a weekly basis for the past 6 months.

    It’s been a blessing in my life to have a fresh perspective, no matter what topic I bring to each session.

    She’s great at deeply listening to my concerns and pointing me back toward a freer state of being each and every time.

    I’ve even joked with her that I mostly join our meetings feeling like a shriveled up raisin, but I leave feeling like a juicy grape.


    It isn’t a joke – with Karli’s guidance, I go from feeling contracted, fearful, and emotional to feeling light, expansive,

    and at peace by the end of each call. I appreciate that I can show up to our meetings exactly how I am in the moment,

    and I never feel judged by her.


    I would absolutely recommend her to anyone looking to feel less stress and more peace in their life. 
    -Kimberly M.

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    light, shadow (2020)

    An original composition for solo piano by my son Jackson Naglick